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The Write, Publish, Sell Masterclass

The Write, Publish, Sell Masterclass

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What's Included?

  • THE COURSE: Step-by-step videos to help you write and publish a book that sells! ($2500 value)

  • BONUS: Write Publish, Sell, Checklist ($50 value)

Over 15 Lessons:

  • How to Get Your Book into Bookstores

  • Ways to Market Your Book

  • How to Write a Book 

  • How to Get Your Book Published

  • ISBN Numbers and Copyright Registration

  • How to Create an Outline for Your Book

  • The Editing Process for Publishing

  • How to Price Your Book Competitively

  • How to Format Your Manuscript

  • How to Design a Book Cover

... and don't worry, you can go at your own pace

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