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The One Revealed: Volume II: A Woman's Hopeful and Helpful Guide in Knowing Who Her Husband Is

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Know "the one" for you and be sure you're hearing from heaven!

Karolyne Roberts' best-selling book, The One Revealed, is now back in a new and improved volume, that is, volume two. In The One Revealed, Karolyne delves deeper into the topic: "Does 'the one' really exist?" Volume two contains over 13 brand new chapters and expounds upon ideas that were originally presented when the book was first published in 2015. 

In this book, Karolyne thoroughly addresses many questions pertaining to the quest for the one and hearing God’s voice. One of your very own questions may be: “Did God really show me who my husband is?”, “Is there such thing as the one?”, “Did I marry the wrong person?” or “When will it finally be my time to get married and have children?” 

In The One Revealed, Karolyne dissects the desire to be married by bringing the heart struggles that women face to the forefront. Karolyne takes a unique approach by sharing how women can redirect their yearning to be in a relationship in a way that brings God glory and ultimately fosters a life of hope and fulfillment. Are you ready to discover The One Revealed? 

This book will share the keys to: 

  • Hearing God’s voice and being led by the Holy Spirit 
  • Overcoming the embarrassment after being wrong about the one
  • Patiently waiting for the one in a world of distractions 
  • Enduring the process and becoming the woman God called you to be!