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The 100-Day Challenge to Love & Respect Your Husband & Audio Book and Fruitful Wives Membership

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Join Karolyne Roberts on this 100-Day Challenge to Love and Respect Your Husband. 100 Ways to Love and Respect Your Husband is a book designed to help restore and rekindle marriages with the exemplified love of Christ on display. This challenge will move you to take action and shake things up in your marriage as you grow in passionate desire for your husband. I cannot promise that this book will change your circumstances, but it will change YOU and your perspective on marriage. This book will help you to reenvision God's design for marriage and experience the bliss and satisfaction that true agape love can bring.


  • The importance of sex and intimacy in marriage
  • Communicating more effectively with your man
  • Dealing with conflict and finding resolutions
  • Keeping the spark alive in your marriage

**This challenge includes the video book is in audio-visual format and also includes a fruitful wives membership, our online community of wives.**