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He Told Me: Hearing God's Voice and Hoping in His Promises

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It’s Time to Hear God's Voice Clearly

Wondering if you should move to that place? Leave that job? Date that person? How will you know the best decision to make, unless you receive instruction from God himself? In He Told Me, Karolyne Roberts shares how you can draw closer to God and hear His voice clearly. She gives practical tips on how to grow in prayer, worship, and discover God's calling for your life. No more confusion and doubt! It's time to get clear on what God is saying. Karolyne will show you how to have faith to believe for every promise God has spoken over your life.
    From this book you will learn how to:
    • • Hear God’s voice clearly and accurately
    • • Make the right decision for your life
    • • Discover your calling and purpose in life
    • • Develop a relationship with God